Cockroach Control Fumigation

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Cockroach Fumigation

Cockroaches spread many diseases and pollute water, food and other edibles. The cockroaches can be a serious threat to hygiene and look really nasty while roaming around you especially you are having your food.
Cockroaches Can Hold Their Breath for 40 Minutes, before you think about flushing cockroaches down the toilet, you should probably not that they can hold their breath for as long as 40 minutes and survive when submerged in water. This allows them to move from house to house through sewerage systems.

cockroach service procedure

Service Details:

  • Normally cockroach source is sewerage lines.
  • Through sewerage lines they reach to kitchen where they breed eggs.
  • For Controlling cockroaches, two area is main.
  • First kitchen cabinets & second sewerage lines.
  • 1- We spray in depth in Kitchen Cabinets.
  • 2- In Rooms & Drawing & Dining Area We spray through our Electric Fogg Machine. Which will cover cockroaches & also other general insects like ants, mosquitoes, spider etc
  • After spray process we apply gel on Kitchen Cabinets
  • After completion of service. We close your area for 4 Hours
  • We also issue warranty for 3 Months.
  • Within the 90 days, if you face problem again, we treat complaint treament free of cost.

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