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Termite control

Termites are one of the most persistent and prevalent pest problems that the majority of households in Karachi experience. Aside from the health risks associated with termites, particularly for children, these bugs may ruin wooden products such as furniture and doors, costing you a significant amount of money. At Accurate Fumigation, we provide termite control services in Karachi.
Termites are one of the most destructive pests that can cause severe damage to a large extent to your valuables. Termites work stealthily and damage your valuable assets like furniture, woodwork, doors, documents, etc. We have seen cases where subterranean termites have come from the ground unnoticed and popped through a second-floor wall. And there is always a chance of the subs getting established above ground if there is a moisture problem, such as a faulty condensation drain for a central air conditioning unit, and you find them as you are doing repairs.
And we've been in this profession for almost 10 years. We have a team of expert workers with over 10 years of experience that know how to do the job. Our professionals will recommend the finest termite control options and provide you with a free price estimate. We specialize in termite control and a variety of other services.

Termite fumigation

Termite Fumigation Service

  • We drill in the ground floor inside the walls at every 4 feet distance.
  • 2-4 holes near every door.
  • Hole depth 2 to 2.5 feet
  • We pour 1 liter to 1.5 liter solution of chemical in every hole.
  • After that we close those holes with the white cement. We also use colors & try to match tile clors with white cement.
  • After drill process we spray on your walls, doors and all the sprayable items.
  • After completion of service. We close your area for 4 Hours
  • We issue warranty for Five Years.
  • if you face any problem again during warranty period, we treat complaint treament free of cost.

Termite Proofing in Karachi

Understanding the indications of a termite invasion right off the bat is vital. It can save you a large number of Rupees in-home fixes and keep the general design of your home sound. A great many people are very much aware that termites are attracted to wood. Yet, experienced termite organizations like Accurate Fumigation Services realize that it's not simply wood you need to stress over with termites. Tragically, they can influence everything from the protection in your dividers to the books in your office! The most exceedingly terrible part? Many individuals don't understand they have termites until critical harm has been finished.
In the event that a termite invasion is left untreated, it could in a real sense cut your home down. The uplifting news is termite signs can be not difficult to spot once you realize what you're searching for. Detecting an issue from the get-go will make it simpler to get the appropriate termite eradication your home requirements. At the point when you're ready to perceive a portion of the early indications of these intrusive creepy crawlies, you can wind up saving your home and your wallet from genuine harm.


Everything thing you can manage for your house is to know about the most punctual indications of a pervasion. There are some obvious signs you can search for around your home before significant harm happens. A portion of the signs to search for in and around your home include:

Mud Burrows: Termites make 'mud cylinders' or passages to interface them to their food sources. Give looking a shot close by tree trunks, around your patio, or even in upper room roofs for these unmistakable cylinders made of soil.

Minuscule openings:Before any broad harm is done, you may see more modest issues with the wood around your home. Search for minuscule openings in the wood. They might seem as though somebody put a nail in and pulled it back out. Now and again, they can be just about as little as a pinhole, so having a sharp eye makes a difference.

Droppings: One surefire approach to realize you have a termite issue is to search for droppings. Termite droppings regularly look like wood sawdust. In this way, on the off chance that you notice a sawdust-like substance on the ground/floor, there's a decent possibility you're managing an invasion.

Broken wings: Termites can crowd starting with one region then onto the next. For instance, a termite pervasion coming from a close-by tree to your home will make them fly over. When they securely land and begin chipping away at the wood around your home, their wings tumble off. You may begin to see wings around the house, particularly on windowsills.


Tragically, many individuals miss the early indications of a termite invasion since they can be unobtrusive. It's not until perceptible harm begins to happen that termites become a main problem for the home. When a portion of these signs become apparent to the unaided eye, a great deal of harm should as of now be possible.
When a termite pervasion has assumed control over your home for some time, you'll probably begin to see more perceptible signs. Regularly, these incorporate things like:

  • Dark wood
  • Termites damage from the inside.

Termites can likewise be deluding in light of the fact that a great deal of the harm they cause begins from the back to front. Regardless of whether the wood around your home looks strong and solid, it very well may be fundamentally hazardous. One approach to test the wellbeing and strength of the wood is to tap on it delicately utilizing a mallet or screwdriver. On the off chance that it sounds empty, it's probably been on the menu for an invasion of termites for a long time.
Strong wood should make a crash sound when it's tapped. It will be not difficult to differentiate between wood that is empty and wood that is strong completely through. When playing out this termite test, remember to check all the wood in your home, not right outside or on your patio. Regions like unfinished plumbing spaces and storage rooms can be practical objectives for a termite buffet.


Perhaps the last time you had your home investigated for termites was the point at which you originally moved in. In case that is the situation, it's a smart thought to get an occasional review from an expert organization in the Bay Area at regular intervals – regardless of whether you don't see any indications of harm! Termites can in reality live in your dividers for quite a long time (particularly dry wood termites) before you begin to perceive any issues.
Regardless of whether you think you have termites or you realize you have termites, MightyMite Termite Services can give you genuine feelings of serenity. Our Fumigation Services offer a free investigation that will cover the whole space of your home. After our investigation, we'll have the option to give you a full report on whether you have an invasion and what can be done. The sooner an invasion can be gotten, the less harm will be never really homed. That can wind up saving you a huge number of dollars and will keep your home in one piece.


There are various approaches to kill termites from your home. A few exterminators use things like unforgiving synthetic substances. While these items can work with regards to disposing of termites, they aren't by and large harmless to the ecosystem, and they can even be aggravating to individuals who may have breathing issues like asthma, or hypersensitivities.
Accurate Fumigation values utilizing insect control items that are solid and incredible, yet ok for the climate. Not exclusively accomplish these arrangements function admirably for disposing of termites, yet they are additionally less obtrusive on you as the property holder.

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