Ants Control Treatment

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Ants are nefarious in nature, multiplies faster and can create a serious havoc to the residents. They nest beneath the pavements and slabs and feed on almost every household food and therefore need to get eliminated. We offer safe, effective and stress-free ant-control services to remove them completely. You don’t need to empty your drawers and cabinets.

ants fumigation

Ants Fumigation

  • For Controlling Ants, first we close holes.
  • Then In Rooms & Drawing & Dining Area We spray through our Electric Fogg Machine. Which will cover entire area with fogg & liquid.
  • if the service is being done in a house then we also spray in parking & garden area.
  • After completion of service. We close your area for 4 Hours
  • We also issue warranty for 3 Months.
  • Within the 90 days, if you face problem again, we treat complaint treament free of cost.

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