Tips For Outdoor Living, Pest-Free!

Nothing ruins a happy time in the sun quite like insects. Defeat them with these tips from Accurate Pest Control.

1. Use An Insect Repellent

Apply an EPA-registered pest repellent when outside. Mosquitoes and ticks can carry life-threatening illnesses. West Nile virus and Lyme illness are some of the usual; however, there are many others to be regarded with as well.

2. Remove Standing Water

Mosquitoes need a tablespoon or more of water to breed.
This doesn’t mean to empty your pool, toss your planters, or store your birdbath. We simply advocate handling, or the water in these items, weekly, to avoid a mass of mosquitoes takes over. Female mosquitoes can lay 100 eggs at a time and have them hatch in as little as 5 days. Garden items with stagnant water offer a definite breeding ground for female mosquitoes to lay their eggs in. This covers your pets’ water dishes, too!

3. Keep Your Lawn Trimmed

Mosquitoes and ticks like to hang out in cool, damp and shady vegetation.
Overgrown trees and lawns make for the absolute mosquito and tick oasis. Mosquitoes like to halt on tall, shaded grass to dodge the hot temperatures. Ticks crawl up vegetation to wait for a passerby to latch onto, be it human or mammal. Keeping your lawn mowed and vegetation trimmed back will eliminate the territory that ticks and mosquitoes need. It’s one of the simplest ways to stop mosquitoes and ticks from staying in your yard.

4. Watch Out For Stinging Insects

Stinging pests seem to summon fear in both children and grown-ups. Kids run and flail about, while adults swat at them with shoes, newspapers, and hats. And, let’s be honest, some running may be involved, too. The problem with stinging insects besides the point that they trouble when they hurt is that they build all kinds of nests in all varieties of places and just when you hit down one nest, another nest is being established. So how do you keep stinging insects out of your yard? Due attention and a certified stinging pest specialist, that’s how.