Do Bed Bugs Only Live In Beds?

The NPMA led a study that claimed bed-bugs the No. 1 pest in the USA. These little critters have been an issue for eras. Sayings like “Hit the hay” or “Hit the sack” spread from the Middle Ages back when bed mattresses were filled with hay. People would hit their hay mattresses to get cleared of any bugs living inside.

What are bed bugs?

Adult bugs are tiny, around the size of an apple seed. They are brown and shaped like an oval with six legs. If bugs have not fed on human or animal blood lately, their bodies are long and flat. They are smelly, with a sweet and musty odor. Bed bug eggs are very small, leading the size of a sewing pinhead. One female bug can lay 200 to 250 eggs in its lifetime. Under normal conditions, bed bugs can live about two to four months.

Where Do They Live?

Now that you know how bed bugs and their eggs look like, here are simple places they like to cover. Typically, bed bugs are most often found in bedcovers. More precisely, they tend to choose mattress seams and sheets. If the infestation is widespread, bed bugs live among chairs, couches, and curtains. They are also in cracks, under loose wallpaper, and behind picture frames.

What are common signs of an infestation?

Bugs give red or rust-colored points on sheets and mattresses. Pin-sized dark spots, which is their excrement, can also be found on sheets and movables. Small, white bed bug eggs are a positive sign of an infestation.