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rats attraction food

What Foods Attract Mice and Rodents

Out of the relative multitude of individuals from the rat realm, rodents and mice are among the most versatile with respect to natural surroundings and diet.
prevent insects

How To Prevent Bugs And Pests In Any Area Of Your Home

Let’s face it, nobody wants to have pests in their area. Whether it’s insects, rodents, or anything else they are not a pretty sight to see. Learn how you can...
bed bugs on bed

Do Bed Bugs Only Live In Beds?

The National Pest Management Association conducted a study that they declared bed bugs the No. 1 pest in America. These little critters have been a problem for centuries...
termite and ants

Termites Vs Ants: What You Should Know.

Termites and ants – two things you never want to see in your home. They might look similar, but here are some ways to tell the creepy crawlers apart and how to get rid of them...
garden insects

Tips For Outdoor Living, Pest-Free!

Nothing ruins a fun day in the sun quite like pests. Outsmart them with these six tips from Ehrlich Pest Control. 1. Use an insect repellent Apply an EPA-registered insect repellent...
mosquitoes & covid-19

Can Mosquitoes Carry Covid-19?

Corona-virus (COVID-19) is on everyone’s mind, prompting many questions. With warm weather around the corner, one of those questions might be...
clothes eating bugs

How To Control Bug That Eats Your Clothes

Most everyone knows that moths can damage wool clothes. But did you know that there are bugs that can damage cotton, rayon, linen, and even stain synthetics?...
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