Termites and ants – two things you never want to see in your home. They might look similar, but here are some ways to tell the creepy crawlers apart and how to get rid of them.



Termites are known to cause your home repair costs to skyrocket, making it a pest control company’s priority to exterminate them as quickly as possible in order to prevent further home damage.

While ants search for food, termites consume wood, paper and other cellulose origins. They transform fallen, decaying wood into compost-like organic material, which will enrich the earth’s soil. This may not sound too bad, until their dinner becomes the wooden posts keeping your house standing.

Termite control is most effective when taken care of during the early stages. If you suspect termites are invading your home, call Accurate Pest Control to have us send one of our professional technicians out to your home for a free visual termite inspection.


San Antonio’s top insects that are most likely to invade your home are ants. Ant hormones, called pheromones, send out signals that point to things like food and shelter. In their endless pursuit, ants are able to get through the tiniest nooks and crannies in to get to the delicious snacks and foods you leave out on the kitchen counter.

Although some ants find a home in wood, like carpenter ants, they do not eat away at the structure of the wood like a termite. Another distinct characteristic in ants is their short life span. Termites, on the other hand, can live for over a decade.

Whether they’re destroying your outdoor equipment, becoming an unwanted guest in your kitchen or suffocating your backyard, Accurate Pest Control can help you with ant control as soon as possible.



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