Let’s face it, nobody wants to have pests in their area. Whether it’s insects, rodents, or anything else they are not a pretty sight to see. Learn how you can prevent them from entering your home altogether with these pest control tips.

Limit where you eat. Create a rule that eating is only done in the kitchen and dining areas. The fewer areas that have been exposed to crumbs and food residue, the less risk of an invasion you’ll have.

Clean the floor daily. Whether you choose to sweep or vacuum, clean the floor daily. Food and residue need to be removed quickly so that bugs won’t be attracted to the mess. Missing a day may be just enough to attract some unwanted visitors to an unintended feast.

Clothes Closets

  • Clean clothes before storing. Clothes that are dirty will attract bugs. So before throwing all the winter coats into the back of your closet, take the time to have them dry cleaned or washed before being stored. Storing clothes in properly sealed containers will also go a long way towards preventing an infestation.

Outside Areas

  • Don’t store wood inside. Wood, including firewood, should not be stored inside your home. This includes the garage. Bugs like wood, and wood stored inside a home or even stacked up right next to a home can be an entry point for a pest. Instead, stack wood away from the house and make sure that there is room for air to circulate in the stake. This will keep the wood dry and make it less desirable for local insects.



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