Most everyone knows that moths can damage wool clothes. But did you know that there are bugs that can damage cotton, rayon, linen, and even stain synthetics?

Carpet Beetles

Three species of carpet beetles look very similar (the black carpet beetle is the most common); the only difference being in their coloration pattern.

Clothes Moths

There are millions of moths in the world—some quite beautiful. But the two that are commonly found munching away on your favorite wool suit are not so enchanting.


Along with its many habits that can cause asthma and carry disease, the cockroach will also stain and damage clothes and any fabric in the home. The cockroach is attracted to perspiration and body fluid stains, food and drink spills and laundry starch. As the cockroach eats away at these food sources, it can cut holes in the fibers or weaken them so that holes appear.


Crickets are not commonly thought of as an insect that eats holes in clothes. They do not attack clean clothes. However, they find body soil, food and beverage stains, and laundry starch very attractive. The cricket will eat the remains of the stain and during its feast will often cut the threads of the fabric. Cricket excrement will stain clean clothes and often happens if clothes are dried outside.

Silverfish and Fire-brats

Cousin to the fire-brat, silverfish (seen here) is a wingless insect about 1/4- to 1/2-inch long with five legs. Its carrot-shaped body is completely silver in color. Silverfish are found in dark areas around 70 degrees F. They feed at night and stay close to food sources.


Few people consider clothing damage when thinking of termites. However, they are attracted to the food source of clothing that is stained with body soil, food or beverages. As they eat the food, they often cut into the fabric causing holes.



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